Writer. Father. Alcoholic.
F. Scott Fitzgerald has inspired me with his clever words and intutition
into the human condition ever since I read The Great Gatsby in high school.
I drew this piece in homage to his life, ideas, and legacy.
I started by Googling a silhouette of Fitzgerald and tracing a light outline. I researched facts, attributes, and quotes and wrote them down before fitting them into the silhouette.
The adjective "insecure" is the largest word in the piece. It is interesting to me that Fitzgerald saw himself in a negative light and was depressed most of his life. He was extremely paranoid of critics and other writers, often drinking himself into fits of rage and depression. Even though his mind was full of beautiful words and brilliant ideas, the one that overcame him the most was insecurity. 
I copied over my pencil drawing with various sizes of black Micron pens and then scanned it in and cleaned it up in Adobe Photoshop.
As I worked on this "passion project" I found myself feeling connected to Fitzgerald. It's sometimes hard to picture people we look up to as struggling with insecurities, but they are just as human as we are. I know from first-hand experience that I am my toughest critic. I understand how a creator (whether a writer or an illustrator) always doubts their own work the most. Yes, there are things I would change or do differently had I known the final outcome, but I'm thankful for the experience this project has brought me.  I hope Fitzgerald came to some kind of inner peace before his death. He really did have a brilliant mind, even though it betrayed him 
Stay creative.
(and don't be too hard on yourself)
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